Why We Love Oakton (and Why You Will Too)

A world of winding, tree-lined, low traffic streets, friendly faces and quiet, cosmopolitan living. Oakton is located just west of the Potomac River and Washington DC. Oakton is also an architectural wonder, surrounded by classic monuments and buildings that highlight the region's rich culture and history.

Oakton is a wonderful place to buy real estate. DC employees, families, young professionals, retirees, and investors look here to purchase homes due to the close proximity to major attractions and Washington DC. If you contact Judi LaMorte (703 517-8682), she can show you why you'd love it here as well.

What We Appreciate About Oakton

Oakton is a short drive away from a vast array of DC attractions. The Smithsonian museum complex is a group of museums and galleries set in one general location that covers a broad spectrum of cultures and history. Visitors can take in the beauty of the gardens that surround the complex and spend a day at the zoo with over 2,000 animals. The art lover in the family can't enough of the Rodin and Matisse classics displayed in the Hirshhorn Museum. Us? We just marvel at the structure's clean, cylindrical design and sunken sculpture garden. We also get a big kick out of the White Crow Adventure Tours. There's a range of activities that will make sure you see the best of the best in Virginia, from the Luray Caverns to the Shenandoah National Park to the memorials that celebrate Lincoln, Dr. King, and the Vietnam War. No matter how many times we visit, seeing these sites only remind us more and more why we love Oakton.

Living the Oakton Life

Money named Oakton one of the 100 best places to live. They loved the region's small-town charm, equestrian allure, and agricultural history. The schools are governed by the Fairfax County Board of Education and are consistently ranked high when compared to other schools throughout the country. The last recording saw the Fairfax area's public schools ranked in the top six percent with local Oakton schools playing a big part in that ranking. Students come from Vienna, Reston and further to attend Oakton schools, creating a nice blend of community.

Among noticeable institutes of higher learning in the area are George Mason University and University of Phoenix Northern Virginia Campus.

Oakton is also a stone's throw away from the infamous Route 66. But a lot of people find it easier to just walk over to the Orange metro line for their commute. Many travel to nearby Tysons Corner, Reston or Vienna to work, shop and explore. Oakton itself is home to numerous government offices and the George Washington Hospital.

It has been said that for arts, entertainment, and culture, no region can top Oakton. It's also a place where improving the community of the world is an important consideration. You can find Habitat for Humanity, VA facilities and a range of programs, both volunteer and paid, with a mission to better the world. Every resident is encouraged to aggressively embrace a lifestyle that suits their tastes. There are public golf courses (Oak Marr Golf Complex), semi-private (Penderbrook Golf Club) and private (International Country Club). The Oakton Parks & Recreation Department sponsors festivals, sports, classes and programs that give all its residents the opportunity to learn, grow and enjoy themselves. Whether you're active or prefer a nice quiet game of chess, we promise that Oakton is the place that can fulfill the need and expectations of every family member.

Finding the Perfect Place in Oakton

I have a great job. It may be one of the easiest in the world. It's convincing people that Oakton, Virginia, is an amazing place. I can't help but smile when I see the look on my clients' faces as we drive along Whimbrell Court, across Verna Drive, or while exploring any of the beautiful Oakton neighborhoods from Difficult Run Stream Valley to Hunterbrooke.

If you're in the market for a quiet farm nestled in the woods or a townhouse closer to the mall, we'll find it and make sure it's perfect. When you contact Judi LaMorte, you can rest comfortably knowing you're putting your hopes for a fresh start in the right hands. From the most comprehensive and latest listings to having all the details about everything from senior housing to working with Oakton's HOAs, we're always going to make sure you have the information you need to make all the right decisions. Let's get started. Give us a call (703 517-8682) today.
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